I cannot verify when the phrase “we are going to church” began, but we can make a reasonable assumption.  It is very likely that  the idea of going to or coming to church may have had its beginnings under Emperor Constantine who decreed in 313 A.D. (the Edict of Milan) that Christianity was to be tolerated – which eventually led to Christianity being declared the official religion of the Roman Empire.  Under his rule the church became an official institution and, for the first time, church buildings were erected.  Prior to Constantine believers would have met mostly in homes.  With this official designation and newRead More →

“What?  Did I read that correctly?” Ok, really—what pastor in his right mind would tell people to stop coming to church?  It is a valid question and one that I would like to explain. It is very likely that you’ve heard me use this phrase from time to time so it isn’t really new, nor is it original with me.  However, it is a phrase that I’ve mulled over and over in my mind and can’t really shake it.  In fact, the more that I had studied and preached through Acts and read Paul’s letters, it has become more pronounced. Over the next couple ofRead More →