Set Like Flint . . . a determined purpose

Dear Church Family, As we come together tonight to remember the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it is critical that we “connect the dots” of prophecy and events as they unfolded.  As we observed last Sunday, Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem was not a spontaneous, crowd-driven event, but one in which Jesus Himself … [Read more…]

Where was God last Friday

As I prepare this Friday Update, it is impossible to do so without recognizing the events of a week ago in Newtown, Connecticut.  The senseless murder of 26 people – both young and old has left our nation in shock.  Everyone seeks for answers, though we may never know what motivated this young man to … [Read more…]

Two Days of Infamy

Seventy one years ago the “day of infamy” proved to be an alarming “wake up” call to America.  With each passing year there are fewer Americans who remember December 7, 1941.  Those who remember those who served and fought are in their late 80’s and 90’s now.  The following is an excerpt from an article … [Read more…]

The Essence of Church Unity

Dear Church Family, Here it is, the final day of November and it seems like every time about this time of year we wonder how time has flown by so fast!  It seems like we were just talking about those 81 days without rain and here it is almost Christmas…

Facing our world with Hope

Dear Church Family, As this week comes to close, it seems we are faced with troubling news: The hearings that are going on about Sept. 11th attack in Benghazi and the continued rocket attacks on Israel. For the first time these rockets have been launched toward both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. These attacks are in … [Read more…]

Stop Coming To Church (part 4)

Dear Church Family, I’m going to conclude my “Stop Coming to Church” series this week, and I trust it has given you something to chew on. So, as you prepare this Sunday to join fellow believers in worshipping the Lord together—what are you expecting?  Do you expect to be challenged and fed?  Entertained?  Excited?  Or … [Read more…]

Stop Coming To Church (part 3)

Dear Church Family, In my last email letter I concluded that the true church (regenerated individuals) now have a Heavenly Father and are in new relationship.  Not only is God now our Father, but we are in a new relationship with one another.  Don’t gloss over that word, “relationship”—it is very important.  We didn’t become … [Read more…]