I’ll probably send out a more comprehensive letter this week, but I have a few quick things for now: Please pray for Arlene’s son-in-law. He has been unexpectedly hospitalized because of fluid build-up around heart, which has impeded his breathing. His name is Cody, and he is only 33 years old. Needless to say, this is unexpected and he needs prayer. I chatted with George and Shirley this evening, by video. They’re doing well, and they’ll be back with us in seven short weeks! As far as the proposed revisions to the doctrinal statement go, I have a short video where I chat about theRead More →

There’s a lot of stuff going on at SKRBC, and here is some of it: News The teens just returned from the Teen Leadership Conference, and will tell us all about it – probably on 13 January. Easter is on 21 April, and we’re going to do an evangelistic outreach for this event. I don’t know what it is, yet, but it’ll happen. We’ll be looking into purchasing a digital sign we can put beside the road. It’ll allow us to put nifty sayings (e.g. Darth Vader: “I find your lack of faith disturbing …”), Bible quotes, the Gospel, and event announcements on the sign.Read More →

This Sunday, we’ll be giving away a copy of an excellent book by Peter J. Williams, entitled, “Can We Trust the Gospels?” (click the picture, at left). Why should you care? Well, because skeptics and unbelieving revisionists spend lots of time trying to convince us that we can’t trust the Gospels. If you can’t trust the Gospels, then you can’t know anything about Jesus, and you have no foundation for believing He’s the Messiah. Why does this book matter? Because Williams is a conservative bible believer, a brilliant scholar, and he’s packed tons of information into this book … and it’s only 140 pages long. Yes,Read More →

This latest letter is going out on a Sunday evening … after Sunday School, a morning service, a potluck and a business meeting. Why, you ask? Because I won’t have time to do it later! So, here’s the news for this week: Sermons Today’s sermon is here. As a reminder, all of our sermons are here. Just for fun, I’ll share that the top five sermons which people have downloaded are profoundly theological: “Thanking God in the Lord’s Supper” (199 views). “Why Church Membership Matters” (122 views). “What Does Baptism Mean?” (96 views). “Christ – One Person, Two Natures” (81 views). “The New and BetterRead More →

The world of SKRBC is never boring! Here’s what’s happening this week: Doctrinal statement about Christ (Article 3) I’m continuing my quest to explain the proposed additions to the SKRBC Statement of Faith. Last time, I covered the proposed revisions to (1) the doctrine of God and (2) the doctrine of Scripture. Today, I want to talk about the proposed new article about the doctrine of Christ. Our Statement of Faith, as it stands right now, doesn’t have a specific article about Christ. But, rather than write a lot about this proposed change, I made a video about it … 😊 You can watch theRead More →

Here’s what’s happening for this week. There are plenty of things going on, but the highlight is the discussion about the proposed additions to the SKRBC doctrinal statement. Sermon: The sermon for this Sunday (Mark 7:1-23) is particularly important to me. This is a famous passage where Jesus has a very, very spicy encounter with some scribes who demand to know why His disciples don’t follow the Pharisaic traditions of ritual washing before meals. This is a strange thing to our ears, and I’m willing to bet many Christians today don’t fully understand the context or why it matters. Well … it matters! This isRead More →