Dear Church Family, Even though we hold the hope of eternity and are confident of heaven, life in the here and now is sometimes hard.  Not always, mind you – but the spiritual battles that take place and the temptations we face seem overwhelming at times, don’t they?  God’s Word has given us what we need to know about heaven, but God has also given us all we need for this life as well.  By the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit we can hold the hope of heaven (truly, the best IS yet to come) and live victoriously in Christ.  I will beRead More →

Seventy one years ago the “day of infamy” proved to be an alarming “wake up” call to America.  With each passing year there are fewer Americans who remember December 7, 1941.  Those who remember those who served and fought are in their late 80’s and 90’s now.  The following is an excerpt from an article written by Walter R. Borneman: “The magnitude of Japan’s attack was sobering, but it was the long-planned, secretive manner in which it was executed that truly enraged the American people.Read More →

Dear Church Family, As this week comes to close, it seems we are faced with troubling news: The hearings that are going on about Sept. 11th attack in Benghazi and the continued rocket attacks on Israel. For the first time these rockets have been launched toward both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. These attacks are in addition to the hundreds of rockets already launched by the Palestinians. How good it is to be reminded that our hope is not in our government or governments around the world. The world’s economy remains unstable and unemployment in our own nation continues to fluctuate, leaving people a bit restlessRead More →