It’s good to be learning, to be growing. God has blessed us with so many great resources. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of really bad resources. Perhaps the most dangerous place for a Christian to go is the local Christian bookstore. It’s full of bad teaching, from well-meaning but unstable people.

This is one reason why we give away books every month at SKRBC; we want to get good material into your hands! Stuff that can help you, stretch you, help you grow in your faith, challenge you to think about something maybe just a little bit differently. So, on that note, I offer you three good resources this morning:

Tabletalk devotional magazine

This is a wonderful, small monthly magazine put out by Ligonier Ministries, which was founded by the late R.C. Sproul. Each edition has several articles about the Christian life or another timely topic, with devotional thoughts for each day. The authors are all solid, dependable people. The subscription is only $23 per year.

You can read a selection of this month’s articles here. Many of you enjoy the Daily Bread devotional. This magazine, Tabletalk, is more in-depth and talks about broader topics in a deeper way. There’s nothing wrong with Daily Bread; but there’s nothing wrong with Tabletalk, either!

Give it a try, and see how you like it. It’s perfect to read in the mornings, with your coffee, as you desperately try to wake up … !

Ligonier Connect video courses

Churches should educate, not indoctrinate. There’s a difference, you know! If you indoctrinate someone, you’re presenting things in a explicitly partisan or sectarian way:

  • You don’t teach people how to think, you explain what to think.
  • You discourage critical thinking
  • You foster a simplistic, “us against them” mindset that paints differences of opinion as “evil” or “compromising.”

Education is just the opposite:

  • You teach people how to think
  • You foster critical thinking, and ask people to ponder, “why do we do things this way?”
  • You fairly explain what the other side thinks and believes, then you explain why you believe they’re wrong.

Of course, there have to be guardrails somewhere. I’m not saying a church should throw open the doors to whatever heresy is currently haunting the internet and social media memes. I am saying a church should, to the extent it can, educate the congregation about why it believes what it believes.

  • Don’t just thunder forth, “we believe this, and that’s it!”
  • Instead, say, “we believe this! Here’s why, here’s what other folks believe, and here’s why we believe they’re wrong!”

But, not everyone can get a formal education in theology. Not everyone can go to seminary. No worries. There’s some great resources out there to help you, if you want to learn more. That’s why everyone should check out the Ligonier Connect video courses.

These are courses about a whole bunch of important topics. They come with study questions. They’re taught by really good teachers. They’re solid. They’re not above your head. You’ll be blessed by them.

Give them a try! They cost a small amount; about $9.00/month for unlimited access or about $21 per course, if you don’t wish to subscribe. A very good deal! library

This is very similar to the Ligonier Connect courses, but they’re all free! Yes, they’re free! The teachers are not all in the same theological orbit as SKRBC on all issues, but I think you’d be blessed by any of the courses here.

They offer courses with varying levels of complexity, divided into lanes entitled “Foundations” (basic), “Academy” (intermediate) and “Institute” (advanced). They’re taught by good, solid people whom you can trust:

I hope these resources will bless your walk with Christ, and help you to know Him better!