I mean for this article to accompany this morning’s sermon, entitled “Worshipping God in the Home.” You’ll have to see that sermon (or the accompanying notes) for some context. It’s enough to say that God wants us to worship Him in our homes, the other six days of the week. So, I want to recommend some good resources that can help.

Using the Bible

If you’re walking through the Bible book by book, you might need help. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Family Worship Bible Guide. This wonderful book has challenging devotional thoughts for each chapter in the Bible. It will help you as you study the Bible as a family.
  2. A good study bible. I suggest a MacArthur, Ryrie or Reformation study bible.
  3. A good commentary. I recommend Everyman’s Bible Commentary, Thomas Constable’s bible notes, Matthew Henry, Albert Barnes, John Calvin, and John MacArthur. The Everyman commentaries cost a small amount, but they’re geared towards normal people; none of them are over 120 pages. MacArthur’s commentaries are the cost of a normal hardback. The rest are free online. They’re all by good, solid people.

Using a book about the bible

There is a lot of junk out there! But, some good suggestions are:

  1. Regular Baptist Press BUILD-UP series. These are wonderful bible studies that walk you through the basic building blocks of the Christian life. There are 16 in the series.
  2. Various Regular Baptist Press topical bible studies, covering all sorts of topics. Some are evangelistic, others are topical, others go through different books of the bible, some are geared for men, others for women, etc.
  3. Child Evangelism Fellowship’s “Wonder” devotional booklets. They’re ultra-cheap, and great for smaller kids.
  4. 10 Minute Bible Journey by Dale Mason. This book walks the reader through the Bible’s “big picture” story line in 52 devotionals.

I hope these help you.