This Sunday, we’ll be giving away a copy of an excellent book by Peter J. Williams, entitled, “Can We Trust the Gospels?” (click the picture, at left). Why should you care? Well, because skeptics and unbelieving revisionists spend lots of time trying to convince us that we can’t trust the Gospels. If you can’t trust the Gospels, then you can’t know anything about Jesus, and you have no foundation for believing He’s the Messiah.

Why does this book matter? Because Williams is a conservative bible believer, a brilliant scholar, and he’s packed tons of information into this book … and it’s only 140 pages long. Yes, it’s that short. You can get a preview of what he talks about in the book by watching this five minute video, below and here:

This Sunday, I’ll give one copy away, and we’ll put another copy in the church library. This is interesting stuff, and I hope you’ll enter the drawing for it at church! If you don’t get the free copy, just check it out from the library!