Dear Church Family,

Deadly earthquakes in Nepal . . . ISIS on the move in Iraq . . . “Blood Moons” this fall . . . Are these sign of Jesus’ return?  These questions and more are being answered in our Adult Sunday School class, but they are also similar questions that the Thessalonian believers may have had.  After receiving a forged letter (as if from Paul) that left them doubting what Paul had told them earlier, the Apostle had written his second letter to calm their fears and encourage their hearts.  We are continuing this series on Sunday, but I wanted to encourage you to take some time to prepare as well.  There are only 47 verses in 2 Thessalonians, and it would be good for you to read this letter a couple of times to be familiar with the whole letter.  While I will be finishing chapter one this Sunday, gaining the perspective and context by reading the whole letter will be very beneficial for you.

Enjoy the rest of today!  See you on Sunday!

Pastor Paul