Dear Church Family,

The inevitable is upon us:  Fall. . .but hasn’t this been an incredible summer??  By now you are probably well into your fall routines.  Sometimes that feels pretty good doesn’t it?  The more predictable, the comfortable, the expected.   But, if we’re honest, those routines that we follow- as comfortable as they may feel- also lead us to simply live in our own strength, our own abilities and requiring very little faith, or so it seems.  Admittedly, we all get into our “groove” and it’s a comfortable place to be—we can be confident there, very little surprises and we can look back and see what we’ve accomplished.

What if there was more for us, and we are missing something?  

This Sunday, we will return to the life of Moses and explore the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. In preparation, I urge you to read Exodus 7-12 and refresh your memories of this account.  Inherent to the account, however, is the tendency for people to become too big (even ourselves), and for God to become too small.  The exodus and everything leading up to it was God’s way of instructing the Egyptians, the Israelites and Moses of who God is, and how big God needs to be in our lives.  You will need to join us on Sunday for the rest of the story. . .

George Weber and the missions team would like to let you know of an event and opportunity coming up for the whole church family:

“The Missions Team is planning an event in December called “A Neighborhood Christmas.”  We want to invite our neighborhood to SKRBC to learn of Christmas but also get to know us as a church.  Eryn Cook is leading the planning of this outreach but we want all of you to be a part of it too.  More details will be coming so we will keep you informed.  We will be meeting on Sunday September 28 at 2PM to discuss this more.  We would like to invite anyone who is interested in coming and becoming part of the team working on this to join us that day.”

On to another opportunity, and this is for our men.  The first opportunity in the immediate is our Men’s Breakfast at Hawks Prairie Restaurant tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 20) at 7:30 am.  We have invited Neal Gardenhire to share his testimony with us. Neal has been a great friend of mine for many years, and able counselor, a pretty good woodworker and former chopper pilot in Viet Nam.    The second opportunity is in a few weeks.  There is an “Iron Sharpening Iron” conference for men (ages 13 and older) in Puyallup on Saturday, October 18.  We will be sharing more about this conference at breakfast.

Enjoy the sunshine of these wonderful fall days!  I look forward to seeing each of you on Sunday—and you men tomorrow morning for breakfast!

Pastor Paul