Dear Church Family,

You can certainly tell that it is Memorial Day weekend . . . it is raining!

What is it that most effectively jogs your memory?  It is a known and well documented fact that the sense of smell is one of the most effective triggers to evoke powerful and vivid memories.  Certainly there are many more effective “triggers” – one of which is the telling and re-telling of important truths, lessons, and events.  In Psalm 78, Asaph the psalmist writes of the impact of NOT telling or re-telling the truths of God and His mighty deeds.

History (whether written or by word of mouth) is simply another method of sharing memories.  Sadly, there is too much re-writing of history today in order to fit into a certain philosophy or worldview.  Memorial Day is a “trigger” for our memories too.  It is a tool to stop and think about those who had served our country and have died – either in battle or, ultimately, of natural causes.  Either way they had served our country and their memory is one to be preserved.  When Carolyn and I visited Israel a few years ago we were amazed at the room of names (at the Holocaust museum).  Walls were filled with books of names – not to be forgotten!

We can be thankful as we remember many who have lost their lives in securing our freedoms and for those who help maintain these freedoms.  As a nation we are indebted to them.  For the believer this day should also be a day of thankfulness for God’s sovereignty in the establishment and preservation of our nation.  We have enjoyed unprecedented freedoms as a result of God’s blessing and providence.

Memories are powerful.  May we not forget those who have served this nation.  May we not become complacent or indifferent at the price of freedom.  May we remember!

Blessings to each of you!  See you on Sunday! 

For the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Pastor Paul