Dear Church Family,

Remember “Mr. Yuk”?  You know, that green sticker with the squinty face with a tongue sticking out that we put on all toxic substances to keep our kids safe?  Mr. Yuk has been around since the early 70’s and originated in the local center for disease control in Pittsburg, PA.  The results of using the green stickers were nearly immediate – with a dramatic drop in the number of children ingesting poisons and either becoming very ill or dying.  Clearly, the warning worked and it has become a nation-wide emphasis.

While we don’t relish the idea of focusing on the “negatives” in Scripture (we want to hear the positive stuff!), there are plenty of warnings for the believer.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago such warnings are necessary.  However, Paul (as do the rest of the scriptures) never serves up a warning without a follow up with instructions on how to live.  Such is the case in the letter to the church of Colossae.  Unfortunately, we are prone to read the text and conclude that was “their problem.”  The passage we will be exploring this Sunday is a good example of a spiritual Mr. Yuk sticker.  The warnings are all about such teachings that are deadly to living godly for the sake of Christ.

Yes, we desire the positive “how to” lessons from scripture – but the warnings are also positive.  Without them we could, or likely would, undoubtedly veer off the path of truth.  The warnings that Paul sounds (Col. 2:16-23) are very pertinent for today.  I urge you to read the passage and prayerfully consider how such needful warnings affect our church family—and you personally.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!  Let’s be in prayer for one another as we grow in Christ together!

Pastor Paul