Dear Church Family,

There’s seems to be a little buzz these days surrounding some event coming up on Sunday. . .

Whether you watch football or not, it’s pretty hard to avoid the attention of the Super Bowl this year, isn’t it?  Understandably, it’s a huge event—no, I think it’s even bigger than that.  It is one of the most watched television events, offering up the most expensive commercial spots and the amount of money wagered on this event alone is absolutely staggering.  To say that sports in America is truly America’s idol isn’t too much of a stretch.

It’s easy to spot idols like sports isn’t it?  It seems so obvious.  But what about those “not-so-obvious idols” in our lives?  How do you recognize idols in your life?  What is it that may be occupying first place in our life rather than Christ?  As we continue our series in Colossians I want to introduce you to something that I believe fits very well with the theme of Paul’s letter to the church of Colossae.  This Sunday in Sunday School I will be introducing you to a series entitled “Gospel Treason.”  This is a series presented by Brad Bigney, the pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Florence, Kentucky.  I was made aware of this series and was both challenged and encouraged by its content.  This series will be presented as a video series, but we will have opportunity to discuss as we move along.  The focus of the series is about identifying and dealing with idols in our lives.  Why have I chosen this direction?  There are two main reasons for this:

1. This series was, and continues to be, personally impacting in my life.  Honestly, I had never looked seriously at idolatry in this way, beyond the obvious.

2. This is appropriate to my message series from Colossians.  As we get deeper into Colossians, we will squarely face the question of Christ’s supremacy in our lives.  This leads us to consider:

– If Christ is not first then what or who is?

– An idol is ANYTHING or ANYONE that begins to capture our hearts and minds and affections more than God.  If Christ is to be first in everything, then we need to honestly face the issue of idolatry.

I believe that you will personally benefit from this series in Sunday School and want to urge you to be participate.   Also, this Sunday we kick off our memorization of Colossians!  It will also be great to have George and Shirley Weber back home – they will be teaching our Jr. High/Sr. High Sunday School class beginning this Sunday as well.

Pastor Paul

P.S.  “Go Hawks!”  (just sayin . . .)