“For I determined to know nothing among you

except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. . .” ( 1 Co. 2:2)

These words from Paul are unmistakably clear.  No pretense, no ambivalence, no mumbo-jumbo.  As you read any of Paul’s letters, it is absolutely clear that Christ is his central focus.  Whether his purpose was instructional, confrontational, or simply to encourage, he always brought his readers back to Christ.  As we study, teach, and share the Word there is a wonderful simplicity in this focus.  It’s not about my opinion, my experience, my culture, my expectations, my traditions, my relationships…but it IS about Christ.  While the spiritual reality of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” is paramount, my (and your) life in Christ becomes evident in our relationships, our experiences and yes, even how we relate to our culture.  What a privilege we have as born again, redeemed, and set-apart children of God – to proclaim and live this spiritual reality!

I hope you enjoyed our “surprise” last Sunday.  What a delight to have harpist Amy Shreve and her husband minster in music with us.  Their heart for the Lord is evident to all, and the music has a healing quality to it.  Their ability to make a last minute adjustment (while concluding their ministry at the Voice of the Martyrs conference in Mt. Vernon) and come down to Olympia to be with us was a great blessing.  Due to the timing, there was no way to let you know they would be here. 

For the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
Pastor Paul