A church is a group of believers, who are members of Christ’s new and better covenant. We gather to glorify God through dignified worship and the preaching of His word to everyone.

We don’t believe you have to be a Baptist to be a Christian.  We don’t believe going to any church can save you or make you a Christian. We don’t believe we’re the perfect church, either. We just try our best to follow what the Scriptures say, and to do what Jesus says a congregation ought to do – preach the Good News to make disciples, and teach God’s word to one another.

You should join us.

If you want to know more about our church, or how to become a Christian, or about who Jesus really is and what He really did for us so long ago, please contact us; we’d love to chat with you.

You can watch our services live here.

What We Believe

Some congregations have very generic statements of faith. They fear alienating people by being too specific about doctrine. We disagree, and we want you to

Kids Bible Club

Bible Club is important. Bible Club is fun. Bible Club is at SKRBC! We have a small club, so we use a modified version of the AWANA curriculum. We meet

Sermon Archive

We stream our Sunday School and Sunday Morning service live on on our website. But, here is where we’ve decided to store all our teaching lessons and sermons. Click the

The Gospel

Jesus is God’s eternal Son, and He came here for a reason. In one place in the Bible, the psalmist wrote something very important (Psalm 119:104-105): Through thy precepts I